Day 3- Week of Prayer & Fasting

This is how important this time is in the lives of believers. Imagine you have rice, you have your pan, your firewood and your stove. Your children are looking at you hungry, but even with all of those items, you cannot cook. Because in that city, there is no match, no source of fire. That is where now you say, “God, bring down your fire”. The fire of God is the only thing missing between you and your deliverance, you and your children’s school fees. That is why in these days of prayer and fasting, we are saying that the fire of God should burn in us so that those that had confused you, understand that you are different; you are born of God.

It is like when the king of Babylon threw Shadrach, Meshak and Abednego in a furnace of fire, ablaze seven times. That fire could only burn the ropes binding their hands because the fire burning on the inside of them was a more feisty fire; It was the Fire of God. From today, your fire will resist, consume and absorb any kind of fire you are thrown in.

The Word of God by Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza.

There is no where the love of God can not reach. The love of God will make a donkey and a demon point you in the right direction. Now, those one that have known God and dedicated to Jesus, God will bring them back anyway. These, no matter how far they go, The Lord will return. They are safe and protected, go at ease and thank the Lord. As long as there is a promise of God, the end will be glorious. And such is the beauty and glory of our God, that those who are lost, departed from the way of faith are brought back in his temple and presence.

The word of God in Exodus Chapter 33 and verse 18 states, “And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.” Other versions may say it differently, but the word “Please” is very important. We are looking at a cry, a plea, a yearning of the hearts and eyes of people to see the glory of God. It has been long, we are hungry, we are dry, we are going through trials. Now, as God did it for Moses, you are seeing the Glory of God in your life, family, workplace, in your employee, in your employer, and any big or small area in your life!

Time of Prayer

In this time of consecration and prayer, we are all crying, “God show me your Glory.”. God manifest your glory in our children. Lord, manifest your glory in my spouse, Lord, manifest your glory in my life. Let a day not pass that I do not see your glory. Remove in us all that separate me from your presence. For it is only you and you alone that I depend on. This is not like anytime you have lived. Please touch us o Lord, show us your face, your presence, your grace, your power, your love. Change our story and our history, change the course of our destinies, the future of our nations, our relatives, our generations, as we await for a day the world will be filled with the glory of God.

Prophetic actions

As the church of God held their eyes in this prophetic sign led by Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza, the fire of God burnt the veil on our eyes that now we can only see His glory. From henceforth, our eyes are open to the realities of God. They are closed to sin, iniquity and distractions of the world and the people of God sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, we want to see you.”

The manifestation of The Lord Jesus Christ and His Glory!

Jesus Christ in His majesty was moving amidst his people, angels ministering to the ailments and infirmities of the children of God. As He moved in the congregation, we felt his presence, we saw his glory and his cloud covering us like a shield.

We are seeing deliverance of souls and bodies, we are witnessing answered prayers and in his palpable presence, we are seeing the lost giving their lives to Christ. It was indeed a time of Glory and manifestation.