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March Week Of Prayer & Fasting (4th-10th)

This is our last week of prayer in the quarter of revival. We have seen the Spirit of God sanctify us as we turn our lives back to God in the month of repentance; January. In the month of Fire; February, we have witnessed the fire of revival that put us ablaze for the Lord and his ministry. That no lukewarm state exists in our lives. Now, we are stepping in a yet higher realm with “The rain of God”. We are kicking off this month with a week of prayer and fasting.

An Overview of the month of Fire

An Overview of the Month of Fire

In the second month, designated as the Month of Fire in the year of The Lord’s attention to His people, we entered with great enthusiasm for the divine fire in the temple. This month has unfolded as a distinctive period where we offer our bodies as sacrifices, inviting the consuming fire of God to fill our temples with glory. It has been a momentous time for God to infuse our hearts with a fire that will resonate and shake the world. This unique opportunity has reignited the flames within us, leaving our hearts filled with testimonies and our lives forever changed by the transformative power of God’s fire.


The “Watchman on the Wall” training series, led by Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza on Saturday, February 24th, 2024, was specifically designed for global Asaph and Global Evangelism. Focused on the life of Authentics as God’s great vessels, the series provided guidance on how we should navigate these end times. Undoubtedly, it was a blessing for …


Umuriro Uzanyeganyeza Isi

Shalom Shalom… Dukomeje mu kwezi kwa Gashyantare icyumweru cya gatatu cy’ukwezi tuvuga ku muriro w’Imana hamwe n’Intumwa Dr Paul M. Gitwaza, mbega ibihe bidasanzwe byuzuye ubwiza bw’Imana n’icyubahiro cyayo! Ijambo ry’Imana n’Intumwa Dr Paul M Gitwaza. Insanganyamatsiko y’icyumweru : Umuriro uzanyeganyeza isi. Ibyahishuwe 8:3-5 3. Haza marayika wundi ahagarara ku gicaniro afite icyotero cyacuzwe mu …

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Day 5- Week of Prayer & Fasting

Yesterday we saw how Moses went up in the cloud in Exodus 24, until chapter 33, he is still there. He was there with Joshua. Joshua was greatly blessed. Even if he was very young, he was able to go up with Moses. So do not despise the small things in your youth, they indicate greatness. God is in the micro details as a complete man is made of very many factors in their lives, character and personality.

Day 4 – Week of Prayer & Fasting

The glory of God has different manifestations and facets. It has been revealed in different times and ages to the Israelites and later to all who believed in God in many ways relevant to their times and realities. Today, with the end of the times closing in, the church of God is ready to ascend and meet Christ. In such a time, God is communicating his will for our lives, his will of the nations, his will on all the seven mountains.

Umunsi wa 3 – Icyumweru cyo gusenga no kwiyiriza ubus

Uku niko iki gihe gikomeye mu buzima bw’abizera. Tekereza ufite umuceri, ufite isafuriya, inkwi n’ishyiga. Abana bawe barikukureba bashonje, ariko hamwe nibyo byose ntushobora guteka. Kuberako muri uwo mujyi, nta kibiriti, nta soko y’ umuriro ihari. Aho niho uvuga uti “Mana manura umuriro wawe”. Umuriro w’Imana niwo wonyine ukeneye hagati yawe no kubohoka kwawe , wowe n’amafaranga y’ishuri ry’abana bawe. Niyo mpamvu muri iyi minsi yo gusenga no kwiyiriza ubusa, turi kuvuga ngo umuriro w’Imana ugomba kwaka muri twe kugirango ibyo byose biguteye urujijo, byumve ko wihariye; uri uw’Imana.

Day 3- Week of Prayer & Fasting

This is how important this time is in the lives of believers. Imagine you have rice, you have your pan, your firewood and your stove. Your children are looking at you hungry, but even with all of those items, you cannot cook. Because in that city, there is no match, no source of fire. That is where now you say, “God, bring down your fire”. The fire of God is the only thing missing between you and your deliverance, you and your children’s school fees. That is why in these days of prayer and fasting, we are saying that the fire of God should burn in us so that those that had confused you, understand that you are different; you are born of God.