Day 2 Prayer and fasting “Unity in the body of Christ”

apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza

Revival comes when our hearts have repented and turned around to God. It is most significantly brought by unity in the body of Christ, the children of God, which is the family God. The enemy knows of this and hence, why he brings divisions and conflicts. It is of fundamental worth because we cannot build the altar of God without unity.

Word of God from Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza

John 17:21” That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”. This specific book shows that Jesus is the son of God. What we ought to show the world is in this prayer. 

From the first chapter, it shows the beginning of things where The Word is God and how he dwelled among men.

In chapter two,  He communed and identified with us but equally portraying his Diety when He turned water into wine. 

He is the God that provides incredible wisdom and the author of all knowledge in chapter three when Nicodemus came to him. 

In chapter four, Jesus is a God of all, cares for all and is impartial without divisions as He took time and spoke to the Samaritan lady. 

In chapter five, He is a healer with thousands of solutions to address your case when he heals the man who had spent many years at the pool. 

He is the bread of life and giver of eternal life in chapter six. 

In chapter seven, He gives us the Holy Spirit. When Jesus healed us and left us in the world full of evil and the enemy’s wiles, He went up and left the Holy Spirit as a guarantee. That when he calls on us, we are caught up to Him by the Holy Spirit. That is why the unbelievers will not see heaven because they don’t have the Spirit of God.

In chapter eight, He is a just God. As they brought a sinful woman, he forgave and delivered her. 

He doesn’t leave us in ignorance but rather restores our sight in chapter nine.

In chapter ten, he delivers once and for all. 

In chapter eleven, He is the one who resurrects. Even the rotten and dead are resurrected.

He is the Anointed one in chapter twelve. He is anointed for our lives, our infirmities. 

In chapter thirteen, he is the servant of all who came from heaven to serve us. Your issues keep him awake to fix them.

In the fourteenth chapter; He says that He is the only way, truth and life. Hence, He is the only way. If you know Him, you will not wander anymore.

In chapter fifteen, He will become the vine of joy; while in the sixteenth chapter He is the giver of the Holy Spirit. 

In the 17th chapter, Jesus Christ is the great priest, the one who reconciles us with God and among ourselves that we become one in God. If we become one in God, the world will know.

The Unity in Jesus, is the one thing that brings down strongholds. The unity in Jesus will bring a stagnant revival to life. In the passage of 1 Kings 18:30-33; Elijah called everyone to come to him because they were either far from him or they were of different mindsets. This was the time when Israel was divided in northern and southern parts; namely Israel with ten tribes and Judah with two tribes. As he built the altar, he took twelve stones for all the twelve tribes as a sign of unity in the tribes of the sons of Jacob. Elijah called on fire from heaven and it happened because where unity is, God comes down to work.

This is not just known by angels but the world of darkness, demons know of the power of unity. In Proverbs 30:24-28; the bible talks of the unity of locusts. These have no king but when they advance to attack your life, they come in ranks. They do so by working in unity. So if the devil can use the principle of unity to attack our lives. Can the children of God not destroy the world of darkness in unity?

In Joel 2:24; the bible speaks of four types of locusts and what they can do without a king.

The first are the swarming locusts; 

They come as a swarm and when they fly, they block sun rays. Their swarm releases some terrifying noise because they use their wings in unity. These ones attack trees that in a few moments, trees are left leafless. The swarming locusts come to destroy your entire reputation in society.

The second type are the crawling locusts;

These don’t attack from above but from below. These set traps to make you slip and tumble just so you are embarrassed. They make you lose direction and dig you up from the ground. They make one live a life of wandering. They work in masses and unity to divert you from the will of God.

The third are the consuming locusts;

If you are able to have some sense of direction; these ones come to consume everything you produce. From your family, marriage, friends; all are hit by bad outcomes. They swallow up everything, so that no good thing remains in your life.

The last type are chewing locusts;

Anything that is not consumed, these locusts chew on them. Whatever is left behind is completely chewed up until it does not exist anymore. They do so little by little until there is nothing left to hold on to anymore.

A commission of Prayer and Unity

Exodus 10:19; “And the Lord turned a mighty strong west wind, which took away the locusts, and cast them into the Red sea; there remained not one locust in all the coasts of Egypt.”. Every rank of locusts are carried by the western wind which is the Spirit of God, even the army of pharaoh into the sea. As the body of Christ stood in unity to call the western wind to cast the locusts in the sea. God surely worked to answer the prayers of His church. No form of locusts stood before the hand of God. We stand in the victory and testimonies of what God has performed. From henceforth, our reputation is restored; the direction from God is clear and the will of God is active in our lives. No more wandering. We are entering in a time to possess, to commit and bring to fruition. Whatever ate our calling is no more. We have entered our promises. Glory and praises be to the Almighty God.

What is next?

Our father will teach us the difference between the locusts with and without a king. Those without a king are on a minor rank. The Apostle of God will be revealing the roles and power of their kings; Apolyon and Abadon; and most importantly how believers and the unified body of Christ can conquer such locusts.