Day 3- Unity in the body of Christ

In the year of the Lord’s attention to his people, it is important to pray and take care of your brethren. As Paul exhorted Timothy in 1 Timothy 2:1, we do good before God when we plead and intercede for each other. From henceforth; whatever good thing you wish for, whatever deliverance you need, pray for your neighbour to have. Such is the foundation for unity and love among the children of God.

Word of God from Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza

There is the power of unity either good or evil behind fights/wars happening today in the world. The enemy mastered the principle of unity, despite division as his nature, satan always attacks using the principle of unity. Last time, Apostle Dr. Gitwaza talked about different types of locusts but locusts with no king ruling them. Today, we proceeded to learn the operations of locusts with a king.

In Revelation 9:1-11; the Bible clearly tells us full descriptions of locusts with a king and what they will do in the end of time. The King of these locusts is called Abaddon (Hebrew) or Apollyon (Greek), these locusts move in mysterious smoke, strictly following rules. The paramount aim of these locusts is to torment a person, attacking the most painful parts of a human being.These locusts inflict internal harm, devouring inner peace rather than material possessions.

The hidden attacks of these locusts, wearing a human face leave individuals tormented in ways others may not comprehend. Hence, don’t be deceived by people’s emotions, always seek God’s guidance on what to embrace. The word of God speaks of how the locusts will come in the world for five months to torment those who will have no seal of God on their heads. In a spiritual context; the number five means the grace of God, this signifies the end of God’s grace.

The word of God in Luke 8:26-32 displays how God respects the power of unity, Jesus encountered a man possessed by demons in the region of the Gerasenes. When the demons recognized Jesus, they begged him not to be tormented and unified to plead to Jesus to be casted away into a herd of pigs. As we work with a God of principles, the principle of unity is so valued in His kingdom.

In the realm of darkness, a witch recruit initiates a sinister collaboration with one locust (demon). Empowered to invite others, this first demon strategically selects seven, including the most powerful, setting off a chain reaction. Where the seven others invite other demons, the chain continues and this is where a region comes from, a legion made of 6,000 demons.

Despite the terror of the locust-like challenges we face, there’s reassurance in having Jesus as our King. We find hope in the possibility of restoring what these locusts have taken. There exists a resounding hope that the peace stolen by these trials can be reclaimed. The protection lies in having the seal of Jesus Christ, and it’s a stark reminder that Satan, too, imitates with his own seal (666). Holding onto the seal of God becomes the key to safeguarding what is truly valuable. The blood of Jesus itself is the sole, infallible seal, offering salvation and protection from the impending trials yet unseen.

We concluded our third day of prayer and fasting on a powerful prophetic act of sealing ourselves with the greatest unified seal of God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

What’s Next?

Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza will teach us the four winds including the western wind and the seal of God on the forehead. Don’t miss God’s encounter as we unveil the power of unity in the body of Christ.