Day 4 – Week of Prayer & Fasting

The glory of God has different manifestations and facets. It has been revealed in different times and ages to the Israelites and later to all who believed in God in many ways relevant to their times and realities. Today, with the end of the times closing in, the church of God is ready to ascend and meet Christ. In such a time, God is communicating his will for our lives, his will of the nations, his will on all the seven mountains.

We are blessed to live in such a time and be positioned by the Spirit of the living God at the center of his masterplan for the unlocking of a transformative revival that will not only impact Rwanda but the globe. The Lord is putting the pieces together so that every resource, every skill and everyone can play a part in the last revival. What an honor.

Through his calling; our father, our Man of God, the Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza, received a commission from the Lord to set apart Mount Hermon and on it bring about the symbol, and centerpiece for this move in Rwanda, Africa and the world. Today, believers in Zion temple and the whole body of Christ are called to partake on this journey to ready the bride of Christ for him coming.

Mount Hermon project is born

The commission to set apart Mount Hermon was given by the Lord to our father as he was being instructed to come to Rwanda. Throughout the years, by the guidance of the holy spirit, plots of land were consolidated as instructed in the divine vision to become what we know today as Mount Hermon. The process to develop and make the mountain operational has started, as of today, it hosts Africa Haguruka.

In the coming days, what can we expect from this divine location?

The Zion Arena: Designed as Noah’s ark. This arena is a fifteen thousand seater, with the flexibility of hosting a smaller number of people with its high-end design. The arena will be highly equipped and connected with the ability to broadcast across the world through satellites while being operational 24/7 non-stop with services, prayer sessions, praise and worship sessions in rotation. In its quarters, the Zion Arena will house the Authentic museum where all nations’ spiritual and religious journeys are represented to emphasize the dominance of the kingdom of God in the world.

The miracle city: This is a residential area with housing units of all kinds built and designed to service people with all needs. This city will be on Mount Hermon, in a serene, and calm environment neighboring the temple of God, prayer gardens, roads designed as the Menorah with sounds emerging from beneath just as the New Jerusalem city where the saints will live with the Lord Jesus.

Divine facilities: The mountain will also host a number of infrastructure and facilities that will holistically benefit the communities around Mount Hermon and the body of Christ. Those include;

  • Authentic Kingdom University
  • Authentic Clinic
  • Authentic commercial market
  • Authentic nursery, primary and secondary schools.
  • Multipurpose halls

Mount Hermon’s budget stands around $100,000,000 and that is a small price compared to the privilege of being at the center of God’s master plan in the world. As the body of Christ, we are ready to be vessels that the Spirit of God is utilizing to bring His Word to pass.

The vision of Mount Hermon and the direction of God

Our father, Apostle Gitwaza, professed that there are many things that have not been accomplished in Rwanda, in Africa and in the world because Mount Hermon is not yet complete. While preserving that vision, our Man of God fought unprecedented battles with friends, with colleagues as the devil did not want to see it as a fruitful outcome.

Apostle Gitwaza was always surprised as to how, the eyes of the greedy were always locked on that mountain, to the point of devising plans to villainize, instigate and corrupt to make sure that the land was sold. But the Lord prevailed, because by his grace, he counted us worthy to see and partake of the many blessings of God on that mountain.

Our father, led by the Spirit of God, solemnly calls on whoever wishes to be part of these promises, those who have left, those that are hurt by any present or past circumstances, to put all of that down and embrace the promises of God for his people. In simple words; “Come back home.”

It is time, Church of God, to believe, pray and play our part, no matter how small, great, or significant we believe it is. We are empowered by our Lord Jesus to do great exploits in these end times. For there will be no future generations after this one. We may not know the exact minute or second the Lord will take his church but the Lord has revealed to us the times and seasons. These are the times!

Time of Prayer

The word of God in Exodus 24:12 says, “Then the Lord said to Moses, “Come up to Me on the mountain and be there; and I will give you tablets of stone, and the law and commandments which I have written, that you may teach them.

Now that we have come unto the mountain of God through Jesus Christ, we are with God and every sense in our body, everything in our environment is recognizing his presence in the mighty name of Jesus as His Word says in Exodus 24: 17; “The sight of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain in the eyes of the children of Israel.”.

As the people of God prayed, a vision came to our father and there; everyone had lifted hands and on those hands was standing Jesus being elevated in our lives. In that vision, there was no end to the height of that Man, as His glory knows no end. Hallelujah!