7 Days of Prayer and Fasting: What you need to know

A warm welcome to the first prayer and fasting week of The Year of the Lord’s attention to his people. This year is a life changing season for every believer as God is working in the details of our lives. For such a time, every second week from January to December will be a dedicated time for prayer and fasting. Henceforth, the 40 days prayer and fasting season at the end of the year and the 3 days of fasting and prayer monthly will be replaced by a spiritual commitment of 7 days every month adding up to 84 days throughout the year.

Prayer and fasting in the month of repentance.

The month of January is named the month of repentance. It is a time to take a u-turn on all matters of life and point our focus to Jesus Christ our Lord. This is a time where the altar of God burns in our hearts and reflects in our families, our lives and all things connected to us. 

Our 7 days are starting from Monday, January 08th 2024 and ending on Sunday, January 14th 2024 from 6 AM to 6 PM with the theme that states; “Prayer for the reparation, and establishment of the altar in our hearts, families, church, and nation”. Our main passages are found in John 17:21, and 1 Kings 18:30-33 where we will pray for, “The Destroying the spirit of the locust, calling on God to hear us and destroy every evil spirit that is hindering us. ”. 

In our prayer and fasting week, we will be holding evening revival services on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and a closing service on Sunday from 4PM with our father, Apostle Dr. Paul Muhirwa Gitwaza. The lunch hour and morning services will proceed as usual with all activities broadcasted on OTV and ORadio as well as Youtube and facebook platforms.

Your 7 days prayer and fasting package.
The book of Joel (Chapter 1-3);

As you are guided by the word in this time of prayer; this book expounds on the repentance of a nation, towards God. It is a reference shared by our father, Apostle Gitwaza showcasing the need to pray, intercede and recover what the enemy took from our lands.

Personal prayer time

In these 7 days of prayer and fasting; it is of great value to take personal time to fellowship and intercede as you build an altar for God in your heart. 

Revival services

Every evening from Tuesday will be an opportunity to close your day of fasting in the presence of God in fellowship with the larger Zion temple celebration centre.